Angad Bedi shared how he told to Neha’s parents about her pregnancy

Neha Dhupia invited her husband Angad Bedi on her chat show, #NoFilterNeha and Angad gets candid about various his personal life. He revealed how he broke the news of Neha’s pregnancy to her parents and their reaction.

Recalling the incident, Angad said,“I said, ‘you know what? We’re gonna have a baby.’ There was silence, bahut jhaad padi (they scolded a lot). I don’t think they were really prepared to hear the news that you were expecting.”

“He got me. I got him but more important I got him on #NoFilterNeha. Listen to @angadbedi ????chat about everything from being a playa to becoming a dad (yes, he already feels like one) and more. ????????,” Neha captioned the clip.

Talking about her experience of interviewing Angad for the podcast, Neha told,  “When I asked him to come on the show as a guest, Angad asked me, 'Are you sure? My replies may land you in trouble.' The shoot was fun as we kept on flirting on air. I am hoping nobody will get upset because, at the end of the day, he is my husband. 

“While some of his replies made me blush, others left me cringing. Thank God, I am the producer! That way, I can edit the stuff where the flirting got out of hand,” she added.

Neha and Angad got married in a private Sikh ceremony earlier in May this year. The couple is expected their first child this month.