An ode to Shashi Kapoor, son Karan Kapoor to host Christmas crunch

Ever year, veteran actor Shashi Kapoor throws Christmas brunch at his residence but today he is not more. Keeping the tradition alive his son Karan Kapoor will continue the tradition and an ode to his late father, Karan will be hosting a Christmas brunch this year.

Randhir Kapoor has confirmed that Shashi's sons Kunal and Karan will carry the tradition forward which was introduced by their mother Jennifer Kendal more than three decades back.

Randhir Kapoor has been quoted as saying, "My uncle was a family man and always believed in celebrations. In fact, he had told us that we should not mourn his death and instead, celebrate his life. I think his kids are just doing that and are paying an ode to him. Like my father, Raj Kapoor said, 'The show must go on.'"

The Kapoor khandaan will gather at Shahsi Kapoor’s residence on December 25th and apart from food and fun, the family will also hold a special meaning wherein the family members will share their fond memories of the veteran actor, who passed away on December 4.

The annual Christmas brunch will see members of all the four generations at Shashi's Juhu residence.