Amu's DVD Launch in Pics

Aamir Khan and Konkana Sen Sharma


Aamir Khan recently attended the press meet and launch of the DVD for the controversial film Amu. Aamir is known to support causes that he strongly believes in, but despite this the actor himself has only been seen in commercial films. Aamir dear, you need to also practise what you preach, making lesser money and doing meaningful cinema could be a good way to support your causes.


Aamir Khan


The actor, the producer and now a director too, Aamir is indeed a talented all rounder and nobody’s complaining about it. Aamir is also known to be a perfectionist who regularly looks into other aspects of the film and directors, script writers and editors often bear the brunt of his perfection. 


Konkana Sen Sharma


Konkana Sen Sharma has received several awards and accolades for her performances in films, but yet she does not feature in the list of top 10 bollywood actresses. Maybe Konkana should opt for an anorexic look, lesser clothes or an influential boyfriend to feature on the list of top actresses, what say Kareena, Bipasha, Katrina? 


Konkana Sen Sharma


Konkana Sen Sharma has been dating actor Ranvir Shorey, but they refuse to talk about their relationship. There were reports of trouble brewing earlier between Konkana- Ranvir, but now things seem to have settled, Konkana and Ranvir are often spotted together and are still ‘just good friends.’