Amrita speaks about Harman

Whenever any couple breaks up, Amrita Rao is blamed. When Shahid Kapur drifted away from Kareena, everyone suspected Amrita to have created crack between them. She starred with Shahid in few films and all suspected that something was been cooked between them and she was responsible for Shahid-Kareena's break up. Again Amrita has to bear the burden of Priyanka and Harman's split-up. It is rumored that Amita snatched away Harman from Priyanka after sharing screen space with him in Victory. On receiving so many allegations, Amrita clears the cloud of doubt between her and Harman’s relationship.

When asked, Amrita said, "This is just rumor. Harman and I are good friends. I enjoyed working with him as he is very co-operative and talented guy. Coming to this new rumor as I said earlier we are just friend and nothing more than that. I have stopped reacting to such rumors now."

Whatever Amrita speaks in her justification, no one can deny the fact that they are more than good friends as Amrita visited Harman on the sets of What's Your Rashi, Harman also sends flowers to Amrita when both of them are not together and hanging out together after the shoot to a café.

Time will tell whether a new love story is in the making or not.