Amrita Rao on the Shahid rumours, love and films

Amrita Rao may have only done a few films in bollywood, but she has already worked with some of the biggest names like Shahrukh Khan, Akshaye Khanna, Vivek Oberoi etc. But recently the petite actress has been in the limelight for all the wrong reasons. Amrita and Shahid Kapur made their debut together and their chemistry was appreciated by the audiences. Since then they have done a few films together and lately there have been rumours that Amrita was responsible for the Shahid-Kareena split. However Amrita claims that the rumours about her and Shahid may have started as they have done a couple of films together.
What has further fuelled rumours about Shahid and Amrita being involved is that the latter recently bought a home close to Shahid’s place. However Amrita is exasperated with these rumours and says “It’s really weird! I am sick of these silly rumours about me being the fourth angle in the Kareena-Shahid-Saif puzzle. People continue to ask me these questions and I am asking myself how these baseless rumours started. Shahid and I? Excuse me!” is all the actress is willing to say on this issue. Recently there were also rumours that Amrita also turned down a Yash Raj banner film opposite newcomer Ranbir as she was not comfortable with doing a kissing scene in the film. However Amrita does not give a completely negative reply on whether she will ever do a kissing scene, in fact she says “I’d love to be known as a sensual actor. Whether I will do smooching scenes and show skin will depend on how comfortable I am about these things at that point of time. After all, thoughts change and people evolve.” So is Amrita’s changed stance due to the prestigious Yash Raj banner’s offer?

After the film Vivaah, Amrita Rao had a new admirer in renowned painter M.F Hussain who has captured his earlier muse Madhuri Dixit on canvas. Hussain has been equally fascinated with his latest muse Amrita Rao and has captured her too on his painting canvas. Amrita is quite thrilled to be his latest muse and she states “When people tell me that he tends to fall in love with his muse, I feel a thrill down my spine.” On falling in love and marriage, Amrita claims that she loves the idea of falling in love but has no time for it. She says “I would love to be in love, but at this moment there’s nobody in my life. I can’t even think of marriage.” On the career front she says “I am doing Anil Kapoor’s film Shortcut and some other big banner films that will be announced soon.”