Amrita Rao, husband RJ Anmol blessed with a baby boy

Amrita Rao and her husband RJ Anmol welcomed a baby boy on Sunday morning.

“Amrita Rao and RJ Anmol welcomed a baby boy this morning. Both the mother and baby are healthy and doing well. The family is ecstatic and both Amrita and RJ Anmol thank everyone for their wishes and blessings,” their spokesperson said in a statement.

Amrita recently said that she was nervous ahead of the baby’s arrival but she is looking forward to motherhood. She had told Times of India in an interview, “I have heard that with babies every few months there is a landmark transition. You are perpetually about discovering new things. Yes, I am nervous about the idea of motherhood but the saying is true- when you see your baby’s face the mother in you effortlessly awakens. I am looking forward to being a friend to this little wonder in my life.”

Anmol had recently said in an interview to Hindustan Times, “Amrita is a princess so she deserves to be treated like that. There’s nothing new, that’s the way I have been treating her from day one.”

Talking about dealing with her pregnancy during lockdown, he had said, “This lockdown has been a blessing in disguise. Who gets the opportunity to be together 24 hours a day at such a time! Talking about dealing with the pandemic, we didn’t move out at all and were very strict and particular about that aspect. I am a very positive soul and I always believe every problem has an opportunity and everything which is going bad will be followed by a good thing.”

Last month, the 39-year-old actress divulged her fans that she is in the  ninth month of pregnancy and at the same time she apologised her fans for keeping her pregnancy under wraps all this while. Sharing an adorable photo of herself and Anmol, Amrita wrote: "For you it's the 10th month... But for us, it's the 9th. Surprise surprise... Anmol and I are in our 9th month already. Too excited to share this good news with you my fans and fiends (sorry had to keep it tucked in my belly all this long) but it's true. The baby is coming soon. An exciting journey for me, Anmol and our families... thank you universe and thank you all. Keep blessing."