Amrita is back with kul

Some marriages may be made in heaven, but those made on earth tend to perish like all other earthly matter. One more Bollywood marriage that recently bit the dust is that of Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh. The break-up apparently got Saif his Italian girlfriend, while it left Amrita with two of her most precious possessions - their children.
But if the cherubic faces of her kids, Sara and Ibrahim could sustain a life ahead, Amrita, aka Dingy, would have continued living the way she does today; but everyday existence demands more than just angelic faces - that’s where financial security and the need to keep busy come in. Having realised that, Amrita has slowly picked up the reins of her earlier ways and decided to start working all over again. Today, she stands on the threshold of her second career-coming with Ekta Kapoor’s serial, ‘Kul’ (Dynasty).

Her former co-stars talk about her return.

One of her first co-stars, Sunny Deol says, “She was my first co-star and together we acted in a couple of films. I really enjoyed working with her. She’s a natural and a great actress. I’m sure she will do well for herself!”

Mahesh Bhatt, who directed her in his superhit ‘Naam’ went a step further and called her ‘one of the finest natural actresses of our time’, saying, “You don’t have to explain her the scenes - she takes to acting, like a fish takes to water.” However, at the same time, he is sceptical about her debut into television. “I don’t know whether TV will allow her to explore her talent, since it’s a limited medium and doesn’t offer much time to react, like in movies. I don’t know what it will offer her.”

Actor Rahul Roy disagrees with Bhatt, his one-time mentor. Roy thinks Amrita is going to be best thing to be seen on TV. “According to what I have read in the papers, she has got a good role and it will be a treat to watch her. She’s an amazing natural actress; in fact, I was the one who told my producers to sign her for my film, ‘Pyar Ka Saaya’ and she did amazing work. She’s a top class actress! I’m really excited and looking forward to catching her on TV.”

This view is shared by Chunky Pandey, who says, “I have done two films with her and have always admires her - she’s a brave and a great person. She’s very good in comedy scenes. She has great comic timing and her own slot. I don’t know what she will be doing, but I hope she does some comedy serials.”

Jackie Shroff also is all praise for her, saying, “She’s the best! She’s a sweetheart, one of best actresses I have worked with. I did ‘Aaina’ with her and thoroughly enjoyed her company. If you meet her, please give her a big hug from me and wish her all the best.”

Similarly, whoever we spoke to about Amrita shared the same opinion about her. Sanjay Dutt has gone so far as to say, when he has been asked about his favourite actress, “Who else, yaar? Dingy!” Beside that, Dutt is extremely fond of her, so much so that when he found out about her problems, he was apparently the first to call her and offer financial help. She is said to have refused.

It is at a time of crisis that real friends are discovered. Amrita seems to have plenty of those to lean on, if she wants to!