Amrita gets Amrita into trouble

Amrita RaoWhat's in a name? Plenty, if you are mistaken as Isha Koppikar's lesbian partner in 'Girlfriend'. Amrita Arora's meat has certainly become Amrita Rao's poison.

It's the kind of underserved notoriety Rao would do anything to avoid so soon after her first real taste of success in 'Main Hoon Na'. The 'Bru' girl has even disconnected her... to get away from people who ask embarrassing questions about a same-sex fling in which she never took part.

"I must have received over 200 calls in the last couple of days. Everyone wants to know why I did a film like 'Girlfriend' and what is my opinion about the nationwide protests that have marked its release. The callers refuse to believe me when I say I'm Amrita Rao, not Amrita Arora. They accuse me of trying to fake my identity out of sheer desperation," she laments

Leaving the house brings no relief. The ghost of Karan Razdan's controversial film about a three-way love triangle continues to haunt Rao at parties and social gatherings. "I have a hard time convincing people that I am Amrita Rao, the actress from 'Main Hoon Na' and 'Masti'", she says.

The fact that Arora was away shooting for another film on the day 'Girlfriend' was released made matters worse. Desperate for sound bytes, the whole media circus descended on the hapless Rao.

The 19-year-old insists she has no need for overnight popularity like her namesake. According to her: "Who wants publicity when people are baying for your blood? But at the same time let me say that I don't see too much problem with Amrita's role in 'Girlfriend'. Had a similar offer come to me, I would have certainly have thought about it. There's no question of an outright refusal."

Rao says she's delighted that 'Main Hoon Na' worked so well at the box office, and has no time for those who thought Shah Rukh walked away with all the glory. "Every member of the cast got what they deserved after the film became such a huge hit. I'm certainly happy with my share," she quips.