Amol Gupte: I was on the sets, guarding my baby

Shahrukh Khan was earlier supposed to produce and star in South director Shankar’s sci-fi film Robot, however due to creative differences the two parted ways after much deliberation. SRK and Shankar had spent several months discussing the film in detail, but unfortunately things did not fall into place. Now according to sources, Aamir Khan has heard the script and maybe interested in doing the film. It is not known whether Aamir will be producing the film like SRK was supposed to do earlier.
Shankar has already gone ahead and begun the pre production for Robot, but is yet to get the cast in place. Aamir and Shankar met up a few days ago and the former showed a keen interest. But he has yet to confirm if he will do the film or not. When Shahrukh decided to opt out of the film, he stated “Shankar and I were not happy with a few things. His take on the film was completely different from mine. We had worked very hard on the film and it is sad that we had to call it off.”

Aamir too is known to get extremely involved in every aspect of the film that he does. The story of Robot revolves around a scientist who creates a robot for his physically challenged son to play with, but he has to terminate it when the robot suddenly begins killing people. Aamir may play the role of the scientist. However one more actor is required to play the role of the robot. Earlier Hrithik Roshan was considered for the role, but he was too busy with his other films. John too was considered for the role of the robot, but nothing has yet been confirmed.

Aamir Khan has also been approached by producer Vidhu Vinod Chopra and director Rajkumar Hirani for a film which is tentatively to be called 'Idiot'. However sources claim this is not the same film based on Chetan Bhagat's novel Five Point Someone from which SRK had again opted out due to some problems . Aamir is eager to do Idiot with Hirani and has supposedly even given his consent. However Vidhu Chopra and Hirani are being cautious and have already made it extremely clear to Aamir that he will only act in the film and not produce it. Also since there has been a buzz that Aamir gets actively involved in all aspects of his film, they have also made sure to tell Aamir that though his suggestions are welcome, he will not be able to interfere in the creative or post production work. Aamir confirms the news saying "I have been approached by Raju Hirani and Vidhu Vinod Chopra. I am keen on working with Raju and like his work and am being non-interfering and waiting for them to announce it as they are the makers of the film.”

Aamir's directorial debut 'Taare Zameen Par' is set for release on 21 December. However this film was originally supposed to be directed by Amol Gupte who has worked on the script of the film for eight years. But after Aamir seen a bit of Gupte's work, he was not happy with it and hence Gupte was made the creative director while Aamir took on the reigns of direction himself. Gupte reveals that he has worked very hard on the film, and though he is happy that Aamir has put his star stamp on the film, he now wants the film to get more recognition apart from the fact that it is Aamir's directorial debut. Gupte states "I needed a commercial vehicle to get my message across, an intellectual documentary would have got me nowhere," says Amol. "That's why I went to Aamir. Aamir kept me waiting for two years to hear the script. Finally, in 2002, he heard the script. Even after that, it took four years to start shooting."

Amol finally began shooting for his film in 2006, but Aamir was not happy with his work and hence Amol who was by now anxious for his film to see the light of day agreed to become creative director. Amol states "What work can a creative director do? I was on the sets, guarding my baby. Yes, I guess from a parent, I became a dai-ma, an ayah to my baby. I was playing A K Hangal's role. Bhai chai lao… Layenge bhai. Anything for my baby. I'm happy that the film has shaped up so well. Now I want people to give it its due, not just concentrate on Aamir Khan's directorial debut. I know that he's a big star, and that the lights go on wherever he goes. He has great star power, he a great actor. But I want my project, my baby to share some of this spotlight too."