Amitabh wants Bhootnath film script with SRK to be re-worked

A film that stars two top actors like Amitabh Bachchan and Shahrukh Khan is indeed a feat in itself. And this feat seems to have been achieved by reputed filmmaker Ravi Chopra of B.R Films, unfortunately though the ongoing cold feud reportedly between Amitabh and Shahrukh may be actually hampering the progress of the film. The film, Bhootnath which stars both Amitabh and SRK was to have started shooting some time back, unfortunately though the shooting was delayed time and time again due to some feeble excuse. Well now SRK is currently shooting for his part of the film, but according to sources Amitabh is not shooting for the film as he wants his role in Bhootnath reworked as he is unhappy with the length and scope.
Amitabh it seems has been constantly using excuses like Abhishek’s wedding, other films etc to delay shooting for Bhootnath. Although Shahrukh was slated to have a special appearance in the film, his role now has a prominent length and importance in the film which equals Amitabh’s role. This has supposedly irked Amitabh and he now supposedly wants his role re-worked to a meatier one. However director of the film, Vivek Sharma denies that Amitabh wants any changes in his role made, he says “Amitabh Bachchan has not yet shot for the film. We are facing some problems with the dates but Amitji has not asked us to re-work the script. I agree that the film has been delayed by three months but that is largely due to Abhishek’s wedding and Amitji’s commitment to Sholay where he has a different get-up. All these rumours are not true and I will start shooting with Amitji in July.” Vivek also discredits any animosity between his two lead stars and says “I have seen how much Shahrukh respects Mr. Bachchan. And Amitabh’s professionalism is also legendry.”

However the fact that Amitabh is a thorough professional and has been shooting for his other films has everyone wondering why he is still not shooting for Bhootnnath? Well who said having two big stars in your film can always be a boon?

There’s more on the cold war between Amitabh and SRK, although they refuse to publicly accept it. Amitabh is the brand ambassador for the prestigious awards, IIFA and that’s reason enough for Shahrukh to boycott the event. Last year too Shahrukh did not attend the IIFA awards held in Dubai citing a personal family vacation. Well this year too it seems that SRK is citing the same reason, his kid’s vacation to escape the event which will be held at Yorkshire, England. In fact SRK says “I’m not going because the function is always fixed during my kid’s holidays and it’s extremely difficult to take three days out for the event.” However sources claim that the real reason that SRK will not attend the IIFA this time too is that he was snubbed and not given an invitation to the grand Ash-Abhi wedding. Also the presence of the royal Bachchan family along with their new ‘bahu’, Ash in tow will steal the limelight from all other actors.

Another Khan who may not make it to the IIFA is Salman as he too along with Shahrukh was snubbed with no invitation and they both have decided to boycott the IIFA. But now Sallu may be reconsidering and other sources claim that he may perform at the event. Many stars are vary of attending the event as they know the focus will be on the Bachchan family, nonetheless they may put in a cordial appearance.