Amitabh shares the story of 43-year-old Gulmohar tree under which Ash-Abhi got married

Mumbai heavy rains uprooted 43-year-old Gulmohar tress of Amitabh Bachchan’s bungalow Prateeksha’. They planted the sapling of the tree when they entered the house. It’s been 43 years and the very tree has been a witness of many happenings of the Bachchan family.

As the tress has been uprooted today, Big B shared the story of the significance of the age-old tree on his blog, "It had served its time .. and voluntarily dropped ..  broke away from its roots and fell .. and with it fell 43 years of its history .. its life and all that it represented ..  .. the day in 1976 we moved into the first house that this generation had ever bought and built, and called its own .. it was planted as a sapling, a mere few inches in its height .. in the middle of the lawn that surrounded the property."

Big B then recalled all the happy times, "The children grew up around it .. as did the grandchildren .. their birthdays and the festivities of festivals all decorated this GulMohar beautiful tree, with its bright orange flowers that bloomed during the summer .. the children did get married just a few feet away from it .. and it stood guardian above them." The Brahmastra actor even mentioned how the tree expressed grief, "Its branches bowed down with the weight of grief and sorrow when the elders passed away .. Babuji, Maa ji .. their prayer meet on the 13th and the 12th day after the passing all within its shadow of grief .. the Holika .. the burning of the evil forces a day before the celebrations of Holi, burnt about it .. as did all the lights of Deepavali adorn its branches .. the pooja’s of Satyanarayan and the havans for peace and prosperity, within its watchful grace."

However, as the tree has fallen, senior Bachchan further wrote, "Today away from all the miseries that abound .. it quietly fell .. without harming a soul .. slipped down and lay there motion less .. the flowers it enriched itself with strewn about .. the branches and leaves upon it unmoving despite the breeze of the monsoon showers .. quiet .. gigantic .. and generous in its death."

gulmohar tree