Amitabh’s house flooded!

Heavy downpour in Mumbai has made life miserable. Monsoon has not spared Amitabh Bachchan too. The road nearby his ‘Prateeksha’ is inundated and slowly it flowed down to the reception area of his house.

Narrating the horrible situation, Big B posted on his blog, "Prateeksha is inundated. The road outside is in waist deep water and the lawn, even though it is built on a rise has filled up and threatening to push the rain into the house. I prepare to move furniture and stuff from the ground to higher positions. Mini waves drift in from the road into the driveway and reach the first step into the house. Water has entered into the reception area and the staff, bare footed pants rolled up, are frantically trying to clear drains of any obstruction so the water can flow out. But flow out where ? On to the road which is waist deep itself. It shall all come back !"

The situation is much awful at Big B’s second home, ‘Jalsa’ as water leaked into the bedroom. "At Jalsa, the water in the bedrooms has leaked through despite the tarpaulin protection monsoon covers. I tell them (workers) to put towels, swabs, water resistant solutions, anything," he wrote.

On looking at the chaotic situation, Big B asked his son Abhishek and bahu Aishwarya to stay back at Singapore where they are with politician Amar Singh.