Amitabh remembered his mother in pain

Legendry actor Amitabh Bachchan discharged from hospital on Friday. He has been treated in the same room 1101 where his mother was in for almost two years before she died in December last year. While he was suffering in pain on his bed, he remembered his mother and recalled the letter that he wrote way back in 1948 when she was lying on her dead bed. The letter reads, ma..aap jaldi wapas aa jao. Mujhe aap ki bahut yaad aati hai. Mere pet mein dard ho raha hai! (Ma..come back soon. I remember you a lot. I have pain in my stomach).

Describing his condition on 66th birthday, Big B wrote, "When the discomfort persisted, I tried to walk it over and not disturb the family. Since there was no relief, I called in my doctor and the medication administered had no effect. There was concern on the doctor's face and a look of 'I knew it' on Jaya's face. For the past few months, she has had instincts that something will go wrong with my health."

While in hospital, Amitabh was in constant touch with his fans and thanked them for their support and prayer.