Amitabh reacts after watching ‘Raavan’

The premiere of ‘Raavan’ held yesterday in London with much fanfare. Along with Shahrukh Khan, Bollywood bigwigs graced the event. It was Abhishek and Aishwarya’s second film as a couple after marriage and father Amitabh was highly looking forward to it and most importantly eager to watch Mani Ratnam’s high-class work. Amitabh’s reaction after watching ‘Raavan’ was satisfactory. He expressed his shock to see the richness of cinema.

“Just back from an overwhelming cinema experience called ‘RAAVAN’ and have been stunned at the manner in which any one could think of such visuals, to have kept them in one's mind for so long and then finally to have spoken up in the shape of film is quite amazing!” he wrote on his blog. “A massive turn out of fans and screaming public at the desired level - the red carpet, warmed us all up to the experience that was to follow,” he added.

‘Raavan’ is a bilingual film slated to hit the theatres worldwide on June 18.