Amitabh proud to see Abhishek's huge fans

For many years, fans of Amitabh Bachchan are used to gather every Sunday at the gate of his home to greet the megastar. A true gentleman that he is, Big B also comes out to meet with them every time. This Sunday was no exception. But this time, there was an extra attention. Big B’s son, talented actor Abhishek Bachchan also accompanied him.

Amitabh wrote in his personal blog, "The well wishers surge in numbers...they are excited and loud in their love...the gates unable to contain their enthusiasm, are not enough to hold them at a distance...there is a special attraction today -- Abhishek aka Nandu Bhide from HNY ('Happy New Year')." He also posted some photographs of the fan gathering on Facebook and Twitter. Big B felt like a proud father when he saw well wishers who came to greet Abhishek Bachchan.

Amitabh also shared the fact that Abhishek had his own glory moment, when he visited a cinema hall showing his latest film, ‘Happy New Year’.  Big B further wrote, "...and his own moment with the well wishers of Nandu...feel a sense of pride to see him thus...not new to it, but still new is never enough when children are concerned."

While Shahrukh Khan plays the lead role in ‘Happy New Year’, the performance of Junior B in the role of Nandu Bhide has been praised by both audience members and film critics. Some have even praised his performance more than they praised the film. Abhishek’s character is that of a tapori who becomes a member of the team led by SRK who take part in a diamond heist.

Before the release of the film, Junior Bachchan made it clear that the character was totally opposite to his real self. He said, "I play Nandu Bhide from Sangam Chawl in Mumbai. He enjoys his drink a bit too much and that makes him very entertaining and very outrageous, but a lot of fun. Nandu is completely opposite of what I am in real life. There was nothing I could use of myself in Nandu. He is somebody that director Farah Khan and I have literally created from scratch."

Abhishek’s last release ‘Dhoom 3’ became a huge commercial success but it failed to garner any critical appreciation for Abhishek Bachchan. Now it has to be seen whether the success of ‘Happy New Year’ brings any benefit to the handsome actor in the long run.