Amitabh on Ash-Abhi’s engagement and his son’s role in Guru

Rumours, assumptions and predictions by the media, god men and fans predicting marriage plans between the couple have finally come true after Ash and Abhi got engaged this Sunday. The first family of bollywood, the Bachchans and even the Rai family are extremely happy with the engagement. Ash and Abhi have been dating each other for quite a while now. Abhishek and Ash are also extremely happy with the positive response that their film Guru has received. Now the big question that everyone’s curious to know is when will Ash and Abhi tie the knot. According to rumours the date could be either February 19 or March 7. Amitabh confirms the engagement between Ash and Abhi.
Amitabh says “Ash and Abhi had gone for the premier of Guru in Toronto and New York. After the premiere in New York he proposed and she accepted. I was the first person to be called. I was overjoyed and gave my congratulations and blessings to them and of course asked them to come home soon.” Amitabh claims that Ash, Abhi and even both the families are overjoyed. However Amitabh claims that a date is still to be set, he says “The families have to get together. Some members of her family are out of town. We also have to gather our family to discuss the date and then we will announce it.”

The engagement rituals were conducted in a quite, solemn manner between the two families and a few close family friends. The Bachchan family understands the media frenzy and fans curiosity to know more about their lives. On the night of the engagement too, a lot of fans and media personnel were gathered till really late outside the Bachchan bungalow, although Amitabh did attempt to acknowledge fans, it was not really possible to oblige everyone. Amitabh says “I really want to thank out fans for the love and affection shown to my family.” Amitabh is also thrilled with Abhishek’s performance in Guru, he says “Abhishek commanded himself extremely well and did full justice to the role. I think he has done an extremely commendable job in the film.”

Currently Abhishek and Ash have already gone back to their shooting schedules; Abhishek is shooting for his film Drona while Ash is completing her film Jodha-Akbar.