Amitabh favors Aishwarya, upset with Madhur's claim

Director Madhur Bhandarkar’s blame against Aishwarya Rai Bachchan for hiding her pregnancy did not go well with father-in-law and superstar Amitabh Bachchan. He spoke in defense of Ash and said that the claim of the director having a financial lose of 18 crore is totally untrue. He argues that every actor has the right to get married and children and their can’t be any contact of no pregnancy clause while signing a film.

He said in an interview, 'Everybody knew that Aishwarya was married when she signed the film. So you mean to say that actors can't get married or have children? I don't think this can be a part of any contract that you cannot get married or have children if you working in a project”.

Bachchan is upset with the banner, UTV too. “I had completed Shoe Bite long back. I had also invested my time into it and completed the film which was based on Johnny Walker. I have never indulged in this kind of talk even though the film has not been released till now and I have no word about when it will be released,” says Bachchan.

Speaking in favor of Ash, a close friend of the actress said, “They have not paid her anything for the film. All this hue and cry about losses is false as they had only shot for seven to 10 days, out of which the first few days were spent in photo-shoots and location shoots. The actual film shooting hadn’t even begun. Ash is very upset with the fact that she’s being targeted for being pregnant — a time when people should be happy for her”.