Amitabh expresses pride on Aaradhya’s stage debut

Big B makes it a point to share all the special moments of his life with his fans. The megastar keeps his fans updated with all that goes on- thanks to the social media! Just a glimpse of the youngest Bachchan- Aaradhya is enough to create loads of buzz. And it seems Amitabh Bachchan very well understands how much people are eager to see this little angle. He recently posted the most delightful picture on Facebook. The three year old looks adorable in the arms of her grandpa, as he waves to the audience. Amitabh shared what this special occasion was.

Like the entire Bachchan clan, this new member too is heading to the stage and Amitabh is very proud of her. Aaradhya went on to perform on the stage for the very first time. It was at the annual day at her school that she went on to give the first stage performance of her life. As seen in the still that Amitabh posted, Aaradhya is all dolled up for the big day, wearing a black skirt with a baby pink top. “It’s Aaradhya’s Annual day of her school and the family is all dressed and excited to be with her as she makes her first appearance on stage. Parents of all the children are equally excited and filled with parental pride as are we,” the actor wrote in his blog. He further shared what he felt, sitting in the audience and watching Aaradhya perform, “The curtains open and the most delightful hours of extraordinary performances play out about us, mature, innocent, wonder in the eyes, and the confidence of seasoned artists."

He then concludes, “There are guides ahead of them that monitor and teach them as they appear to follow ... none of them follows. They are their own stars, their own rhythms, their own movements and in some cases no movement at all, just standing or sitting there in dazed expressions, looking the most a cuddly adorable beings on earth.”

Amitabh then recalled the golden era of Bollywood when stage shows were starting to become a trend. He reflected back how he was the one to start this trend back in the eighties, “When I performed my Stage show at the Wembley Stadium in London, no one ever before and no one ever after, took Sridevi, Aamir, Salman for their first stage show. 1990, it was called Jumma Chumma. I had started the stage shows trend in 1983!!”