Amitabh Bachchan tries to appease the Gods for a grandchild soon

The Bachchan family is known to be extremely religious and have often been spotted performing poojas and visiting various temples in the country. Recently the Bachchan family, including son Abhi and daughter-in-law Ash were spotted at the Siddhivinayak temple on Tuesday to pray like other devotees to ward off their troubles as well as ask for blessings from the Gods. Amitabh no doubt makes several donations to the temple and this time he is all set to gift a 3.5 kg silver mouse to the temple.
But this time Bachchan has a secret special reason for gifting the special custom made silver mouse to the temple, the reason a source reveals is “that he wants to become a grandfather soon.” Amitabh will custom make the silver mouse from a jeweler in Amravati. Recently there were rumours floating regarding Ash being pregnant, but the family vehemently denied these reports. Amitabh has prayed at the Siddhivinayak temple often during good times as well as bad, he has prayed there during son Abhishek’s wedding with Ash , he has prayed there when he was unwell and even during his land problems etc. But this time he has come to seek blessings for a grandchild soon.

Some other sources claim that maybe a wish has already been fulfilled and hence the Bachchans want to gift a silver mouse to the temple. A source says “The Bachchan family regularly visits the Siddhivinayak temple; they always whisper their wishes into the ears of the two large silver mouse statutes which are placed inside the temple’s entrance.” The mouse donated by Amitabh will be similar to the other two already there. Son Abhi and daughter-in-law Ash are no doubt aware of this precious gift and are also aware of what Big B’s wishes are, so will the stork be visiting soon then? Let’s wait and watch, whether Big B’s wishes will be granted soon this time round.

On the professional front Amitabh and Varma’s recent film RGV Ki Aag has done disastrously but it has not stopped them from working together again. Amitabh, son Abhi and daughter-in-law Ash have already shot for Varma’s sequel Sarkar Raj. However dad n son are also planning to do another sci-fi flick with Varma, Time Machine some time next year. Earlier SRK and Kareena were to do the film with Varma, but things did not work out and the deal fell through. There have also been rumours that Abhi and Amitabh will do a film titled ‘Cobra’ with Ramgopal; however both Ramu and Amitabh deny any knowledge of such a project. Ramu says “I don’t have any film called Cobra with Mr. Bachchan and Abhishek in mind.” Amitabh too says “I guess the papers sometimes know things about my projects that neither me nor my director are aware of.”