Amitabh Bachchan to take of orphan, abandoned girls

It's not very often that our stars our moved by the plight of the less fortunate. But this time round, things were different when Amitabh heard of two orphan girls being abandoned by their mother. A news channel had brought to light the fact that the girls barely five years and older were left by their mother at a hostel. Amitabh then contacted the required people through good friend and Samajwadi party leader Amar Singh and promised to take care of the girl's education and upbringing.
Two girls Anjali and Rhimjim were abandoned by their mother at a school cum hostel in Patna. The mother had left a fake address and could not be contacted. The hostel in charge was currently taking care of them and their plight was highlighted by a news channel. However after their plight was highlighted, many people as well as Amitabh came forward to offer help to the girls. However Amitabh was not too keen to talk about his generous act and merely said "I do not feel up to talking about it. It’s my father’s (Harivanshrai) death anniversary, so please excuse me." So perhaps this was Big B's gift to his father on his death anniversary.

However arrangements were made for the girls to be shifted to an orphanage after assistance came in. And now it seems that their mother too has come forth and is happy for her girls. The mother Shikha lives in a red light area and no doubt did not want her two daughters to have the same fate. Some time back, a newspaper had highlighted the case of a Marathi poet who did not have the means to fund his treatment for a severe illness. At the time Amitabh and actor Salman Khan had offered some monetary help. So it seems that many of our film industry folk indeed have a charitable heart.