Amitabh Bachchan to star in Ramgopal Varma’s ‘Nishabd’

Amitabh Bachchan is back from his prolonged illness to what he does best, acting in films and roles that have character. He is presently completing his pending assignments and after that has already signed Ram Gopal Varma’s film, titled, ‘Nishabd’. Varma’s film has been inspired from Vladimir Nabokov’s immortal novel ‘Lolita’.
The film’s subject deals with the concept of an old man intensely reciprocating the love of a much younger girl. The film has Bachchan playing the role of a 54 year-old married man who falls for a girl his daughter’s age and who is 36 years his junior. Varma who has co-written the film says, “It is important to realize that feelings don’t age, human bodies do. Any man could be attracted to any woman. Romance between an old man and a young woman is actually quite prevalent in our society.”

The female lead opposite Amitabh will have newcomer, Jia play the protagonist. Varma claims that a new and unknown face will increase the ‘believability’ aspect in the situation. The story of ‘Nishabd’ will revolve around Bachchan’s life and how this young girl enters his life. The film will not have any songs. ‘Nishabd’ will go on the floors by May 1st and the entire shooting will be done in a single schedule.

The concept of an elderly man being attracted to a younger woman has definitely been tried and tested a couple of times in bollywood. Yash Chopra’s Lamhe, Subhash Ghai’s Joggers Park and a few other films have attempted this subject before. Nabokov’s novel, ‘Lolita’ has also seen two extremely successful adaptations in Hollywood.

Amitabh Bachchan is extremely excited about his role in this film and is anxiously waiting to enact the role. Director Ram Gopal Varma claims, “Nabokov’s ‘Lolita’ is one of a 44- year-old man indulging in sexual fantasy and infatuated by a 14 year old girl. While my film is actually an intense love story, which is appealing to the senses.”

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