Amitabh, Ash, Abhi starrer Sarkar Raj based on real life Nandigram issue

Ramgopal Varma has not had a hit film in a long time and soon his next film Sarkar Raj with the three Bachchans, Amitabh, Ash, Abhi will be releasing. This film is the sequel to Sarkar which starred the father-son duo of Amitabh-Abhi and now in its sequel Sarkar Raj, Ash too has been roped in . Sarkar did quite well and now with three Bachchans in the sequel there are high expectations from this one too. Sources also claim that a large part of Sarkar Raj is based on the real life conflicting issue of Nandigram.
Sarkar Raj will be the first film after Abhishek tied the knot with Ash and the two of them along with Amitabh will be seen in vital roles in the film. Sarkar Raj is supposedly based on a conflict between father and son, and it is also said to be based on the real life drama of the construction of a dam which is being opposed by many. The situation in the film is very similar to the real life issue in Nandigram where the West Bengal government decided to set up a chemical unit in the village of Nandigram and for this a huge dam was to be built. However the villagers came out in full force to oppose the government’s decision. They cut off all roads to the village. The government then deployed 3000 policemen and other officials to use force and break the villager’s resistance. What followed was a detrimental clash between the villagers and the policemen and quite a few people lost their lives.

However Varma has used the Nandigram issue as a secondary reference in the film and has been extremely careful not to use direct references. No doubt Varma does not want to cause any unnecessary controversy this time round for his film. Varma remained unavailable to confirm whether the Nandigram issue was a reference point in his film. Recently the entire Bachchan clan including Amitabh, Jaya, daughter-in-law Ash and son Abhi were seen enjoying an evening out at the 125th birth anniversary celebrations of industrialist Seth Walchand Hirachand. Both mother-in-law Jaya and daughter-in-law Ash seemed to be getting along very well with the latter lovingly putting her arm around Jaya. It seems like the Bachchans believe in even partying together as a family.