Amid Covid-19, Sonam Kapoor heads to London with hubby Anand

Sonam Kapoor headed to London with her dearest husband Anand Ahuja.

“London I’m back,” the actor captioned a video of Thames from above. “So beautiful,” she added, on footage of the landing.

Over these months, the ‘Neerja’ had been under home quarantine with hubby in Delhi. After few months, she flew off to Mumbai to ring in her 35rd birthday with her parents and sister.

In an interview, Sonam opened up about how she has spent quarantine period with Anand. However, she said that they do not actually see each other all that much during the day, as he is busy working in a different room.

The actress said, “What’s really nice is that he comes every two hours from where he is working...he is usually working in the other room so that I can have my own space...every two hours, he comes to say hi to me. We have lunch together.”

She added, “We don’t actually see each other, even though we can because he is outside and I am sitting in my bedroom. We don’t actually see each other that much during the day. He has his workspace but we get to spend that extra time together, like lunch together or breakfast together. Usually, he likes to get to work by 8am, so he is up by 5am.”