Ameesha to throw baby shower for Manyata

Manyata Dutt is expecting her twins and a very close friend of her actress Ameesha Patel is all set to throw a lavish baby shower for her best friend Manyata Dutt next week. The party will see Sanjay Dutt’s two sisters Namrata and Priya. Ameesha is making all the necessary arrangements for the shower. 

Says a source close to the actress, "Ameesha considers Maana her best friend and wanted to give her a special surprise. She was one of the first to hear about her pregnancy and that she was expecting twins. She decided on gifting Maana a baby shower."

The venue is unique. Here are the details of the venue. Ameesha says, "My dad Amit Patel knows the owner of restaurant-cum lounge bar Veda, who is a partner with designer Rohit Bal. And with Rohit in the picture, it will be a designer baby shower. There's one in Delhi, too. They were planning to open the Mumbai branch much later, but I requested them to open it up earlier for the baby shower. The menu will include dishes unlike anything anyone has ever tasted."

Miss Patel further reveals, "Sanju will come a little later with friends. The whole idea is to have a fun evening. It's a kind of western godh bharai (the actual one will be held in October at the Dutt's Bandra home along with a mata ki chowki). The guest list will consist of Maana and Sanju's friends and colleagues."

Ameesha has designed a special invitation – a box of cupcakes with a poem written over it.