Ameesha Patel trapped in a cheating case

Ameesha Patel is homeless. The actress, who recently had rented a house in a plush Mumbai locale, has been asked by its owners, the Valias, to vacate it. The 37 year old actress has apparently gone around the town telling everyone that she has bought the 4000 sq ft. flat. The flat which is in Harsh Jyot apartments, Juhu is close to Amitabh Bachchan’s Mansion ‘Prateeksha’.

It seems the Valias did not want to sell the flat to anyone. They have kept it for their grandsons, when they grow older.  There had been many takers for the fifth floor flat. When it was rented out top Ameesha, they took upon the Valias and said, "Seems, you relented to Ameesha since she is an actress while refusing to sell it to us."

The Valias were shocked at this. A source close to them said, “When the Valias learnt about Ameesha's impudence, they were shocked”. They said,” How could she lay claims to their property, when they had only rented out to her?” When they confronted Ameesha and her aides, they were told such kind of comments was normal in the film industry. “We have done no wrong as such statements are common in the industry.” they said. It further agitated them. They then made their stand, not to further rent out the flat to her.

Ameesha had also paid a token money of five lakh rupees and undertaken renovation of the flat.

Ameesha and controversies are quite related. In 2004 she has sent a legal notice to her father Amit Patel for mishandling her accounts. The family had gone all-out with lavish spending on Ameesha’s hard earned money. Later in 2009, in an interview with a leading Indian daily her mother said they have mended their five-year long estranged relationship.

She had also started to date filmmaker Vikram Bhatt, after the latter met her on the sets of ‘Aap Mujhe Achche Lagne Lage’. This had caused a tiff-off between the Patel and the Bhatt families. In 2008 they broke up, as was confirmed by Mid-Day news. In March the same year she was seen hanging around in London with businessman Kanav Puri. That relationship also did not last long and they broke up in September 2010.

Ameesha is looking forward to resurrect her fledging career with the release of ‘Race 2’ .it is slated to be released on 25th January 2013. Hope she doesn’t create more controversies before that.