Ameesha Patel admitted to hospital

If not for films, Ameesha Patel has hit the gossip column for her health issue. All of a sudden, she collapsed during her shoot in Hyderabad. Ameesha was shooting for a Telugu film. When the news reached her home, Ameesha’s mother rushed to be her daughter's side.

Reports say that Ameesha mentally broke down as her maternal grandmother passed away recently. She was very close to her. The departure of her Nani completely broke down Ameesha. Before she got over the tragedy, work called and she had to return to her shoot. Her parents asked her to take some rest and take a short break from work. But she wanted to absorb herself into work to get over the pain.

Says an eye-witness, "On Tuesday afternoon Ameesha just collapsed while on the set. Crew members instantly took her to a hospital where she was put on intravenous drip."

Her brother Ashmit confirms, "Yes Ameesha was hospitalised. I think the stress of losing our grandma a few days back and the heat and dust at her shoot in Hyderabad took a toll on her. Also, there's a round of very strong viral infection doing the rounds in the city. Fortunately my mom is around to take care of her. In fact she has almost recovered and is on her way to resume shooting."