Aman Verma weds girlfriend Vandana Lalwani

TV actor Aman Verma finally entered into wedlock with his longtime girlfriend Vandana Lalwani in an intimate wedding on December 14 followed by a grand reception. His wedding reception saw many faces from the television industry.

Interestingly, Vandana played Aman’s sister on the TV show ‘Shapath’.

The couple was supposed to get married in April but the wedding got postponed due to the passing away of Aman’s father Colonel YK Varma in March in a tragic car accident.

The 41-year-old Aman and Vandana got engaged last year. Once talking about his Dec 14 wedding, Aman Verma said, “We got engaged on December 14 last year, and Vandana wanted the same date for the marriage ceremony. We are all looking forward to the wedding, and everyone is happy. The best thing is the sparkle in my mother’s eyes. I just want to see her smile. Our families have gone through a lot in the past few months after my dad’s demise. We are trying to move forward and make the best of this time.”

“We are trying to do our best. Vandana and I have put things together, and that’s the way we wanted to do it. We didn’t want to ask our elders or family members, or anyone else, to do anything for the wedding. That is a great feeling; to be hands-on. We are looking forward to it”, the actor added.

Here's wishing Aman and Vandana a happy wedded life!