Amaal Mallik slams award shows, takes a dig at Aishwarya

Music composer Amaal Mallik took to Facebook to highly slam the unfairness of awards shows and expressed his big shock about getting nomination for both ‘Kapoor & Sons' and ‘Baaghi’ because according to him 'Baaghi' lacks good music. He took to social media to cry foul.

He wrote, "I am ashamed to be nominated for Baaghi, and I know my director and producers might hate me for making this remark, but it was a very pathetically average (sic) album... I'm not crying about myself here, I should be happy I have 2 nominations almost everywhere this year, but yes, it's funny."

Amaal also raised question over jury members, "You need a non-biased jury, not people who are still part of the industry, who end up nominating themselves lol (sic) for their own music, their own productions and directorials," he wrote.

A frustrated Amaal wrote, "Award gaya bhaad mein yaar, but at least nominate people as per their talent and their body of work every year. By not doing so, you are making a joke of our film industry." Even as the composer vented his feelings on social media, he was aware that he will be rubbing some people the wrong way. He wrote, "After this post, even if I don't get nominations ever in my life, it is okay. I've always voiced my opinion, and I stand by it."

Amaal Mallik also expressed his shock over Aishwarya Rai Bachchan being nominated for ‘Sarbjit’ and Randeep Hooda been left out of the race. Amaal too wrote about the rampant nepotism , "It is so funny and surprising that you go out of your way and give a star kid all the newcomer awards for the best debut, for a performance no one even saw... Whereas a Diljit Dosanjh who deserved that award for Udta Punjab is nowhere." He added, "Sarbjit had Randeep Hooda almost kill himself to bones, and play that character, and you nominate only Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. Hahahahaha."