‘Alone’ picks up pace and earns 14 crore in the weekend

Alone’ is the latest horror film of B-town. The film released on 16th of January and in its 1st weekend earned a total of Rs. 14 crore. On Monday another 2.1 crore were earned and now the total earnings of ‘Alone’ is at Rs. 16.1 crore.

This Bipasha and Karan Singh Grover starrer, is an amalgamation of special effects, horror and soft sex scenes. In the recent years this genre has failed to offer novelty, which is why the genre’s popularity is diminishing day by day. Despite, the decreasing popularity of horror films, ‘Alone’ has managed to perform averagely and has earned a decent amount.  The day after its release ‘Alone’ had earned a total of Rs. 4.50 crore and has steadily picked up its pace from there.

Bhushan Patel’s ‘Alone’, employed stunning locales, special effects and multiple intimate scenes, to strike a chord with its audiences. However, the movie only partially succeeded in connecting with the audiences. When it comes to ‘Alone’, both audiences and critics seem to share similar opinions. Mixed reviews have been given by critics whereas audiences have given mixed reactions to this film.

Both the leading stars of the movie look stylish and their ensembles are always flawless. Sadly enough, the same cannot be said about the storyline of the film. The few songs that this film features have failed miserably and will certainly not be remembered for long. Karan Singh Grover is one of television’s hottest heartthrobs. He has a loyal female fan following. His fans are likely to have contributed greatly towards the total collection of ‘Alone’.   

 ‘Alone’ released alongside ‘Crazy Cukkad Family’, ‘Sharafat Gayi Tel Lene’ and Shankar’s ‘I’. ‘I’ features Vikram and Amy Jackson in leading roles. It is the only movie that has fared exceptionally well both in India and abroad. ‘I’ has definitely affected the business of ‘Alone’ and ‘Tevar’, which released a week prior to these films. Had it not been for ‘I’ both these movies could have fared a little better. But, the unpredictability of the box office showcased a fine example with all three of these movies.

Expectations from ‘Tevar’ were sky high and while ‘Alone’ is still earning at a decent pace, business of ‘Tevar’ is almost over. ‘I’ on the other hand is a surprise hit and it came and conquered without any warning. In its opening weekend this film was able to successfully earn Rs. 55 crore in the domestic market.