All’s well between Deepika and Ranbir’s mom

Deepika Padukone and Ranbir Kapoor are couple for more than a year and their parents also support their relationship. In between, something wrong happened between Deepika and Neetu Singh and Neetu expressed her disliking for Deepika. When media stopped to cook up the story, Deepika again erupt the issue by commenting on her and Neetu Singh’s relationship. She said that Neetu Singh is not at all upset with her and everything is fine between them.

"I believe that if there was any truth in this, she (Neetu) would tell me herself and not through newspapers and media. I think she`s an extremely talented and mature person, so why would she tell the media and not speak with me directly?" Deepika said.

Deepika who accepted Ranbir’s proposal soon after stepping into Bollywood said that she and Ranbir are very much professional and do not discuss professional life in private meetings, "We both are very professional. Sometimes I don`t come to know whether the film I`m offered is also offered to Ranbir. We don`t speak about our films that much because it would be extremely unprofessional".

"We read scripts separately and meet directors separately too and this may be the reason that post `Bachna Ae Haseeno` we haven`t done any film together," she said.