All’s not well in Karisma-Sanjay’s paradise

Karisma Kapoor became mother of the two children but her marital problem with husband Sanjay Kapoor still persists. Recently, Karisma Kapoor gave birth to a baby boy and Babita went to stay with Karisma to look after her two children post delivery so that she could get some rest. During her stay, she could smell the major problem between them. Babita could measure the problem of her daughter. Karisma and Sanjay are staying in two different cities and hardly visit each other. Sanjay spend most of the time in Delhi and Karsima moved to Mumbai. Babita urged Karisma to talk to Sanjay over phone and solve the issue.

The couple is said to have long conversation over phone and finally they settled their difference. They have decided to give another chance to their marriage and start in a fresh way. To mend the differences, Sanjay is now spending more time with Karisma and his two children. He has even decided to take his family for a vacation.

That Karisma is facing some major problem in her marriage is not a new issue, if we recall she moved out of Sanjay’s house soon after the birth of her first daughter Samaira.