Alia Bhatt wishes best friend Akansha Ranjan on ‘Friendship Day’

On Friendship Day, Alia Bhatt wishes her best buddy Akansha Rajan very adorably. 

Sharing a lovely picture with her bestie, Alia wrote, "I'll be there for youuuu....Happy OUR day."

In an interview to Hindustan Times, Alia and Akansha opened about their friendship. Talking about their bond, Alia told the daily, "Kanchi (Akansha) is extremely loyal. No one can say anything bad about me to her. We don't get to spend much time together, but our understanding is deep."

Akansha, on the other hand, said that Alia is her go-to person for everything. "During all real-life problems, I never had to go to a therapist. She is my go-to person. People might say 'oh she's busy', but for me, she is a 'velli', who is always unconditionally available for me," he added.

Alia and Akansha are childhood buddies.

"As kids, we were in the school plays, dancing and singing together. So now, when she is taking the leap, I'm very excited. I've also read these reports about me helping her, but Kanchi has done everything on her own. She has gone for auditions, met people and sometimes, I didn't even know. Then finally she nailed the part. I'm there to give advice, but can't take away her achievements. I feel more nervous about her career than mine. I'm there for support, but she doesn't need it because she has her head in the game," added Alia.

Akansha will make her Bollywood debut, she said, “Last December, a Tarot card reader predicted I’ll sign my first film in March (2019) and an angel friend will reveal the news. On March 28 this year, I was watching a film when Ali called and said, ‘Remember what the Tarot card reader said?’. And she revealed I’ve got the part. Though we laughed, it was a very emotional moment”.

When asked if Alia Bhatt has an advice for friend Akansha, the Highway actress said, "That it takes time to find your footing and she'll have to control herself on Instagram."