Alia Bhatt sizzles in pink bikini in ‘Shaandaar’

The much awaited trailer of ‘Shaandaar’ was released on youtube and Alia Bhatt dazzles in pink bikini. This is the not first time Alia donned a two-piece in her film but she wore a bikini in her debut film, ‘Student of the year’ also. The director of the film Vikas Bahl is full of praises for the actress for beating the extreme cold and confidently put on the pink bikini.

It was a momentary shot when Alia appeared in a pink bikini by the side of a sea shore. She flaunts her slim figure and seems quite comfortable in posing in bikini.

Alia looks sounds quite confident while asking about her second bikini outing. She answered how she prepared for the bikini body.

“I worked very hard for a bikini body. I and Shahid (Kapoor) used to train together in the gym. I also followed a strict diet to get a bikini body. Also, my bikini shot was not supposed to be an elaborate one. It was initially just supposed to be me in the bikini. But since I worked so hard, Vikas(Bahl) said, ‘Shot le lete hai accha wala.’ I am happy that you liked it,” said a beaming Alia Bhatt.

Director Vikas Bahl applauded Alia who he revealed fought extreme cold while shooting in the bikini. “It was the coldest day when we were shooting that scene. Shahid also had to run into the water. So, when the camera started rolling, they would remove their clothes for precisely 10 seconds and run into the water.”