Alia Bhatt says no to nude scene

The ‘Student of the year’ actress Alia Bhatt has donned a bikini in her debut film and she has also done few lip-locking scenes in her upcoming film, ‘2 States’ with Arjun Kapoor but she said that she will not go nude for any film as she is not comfortable in doing so.

"I would never go ahead and do a nude scene as it is something I am not comfortable doing," Alia said in an interview here.

Alia justifies her kissing scene in ‘2 States’. "This film (2 States) starts where most rom-coms end, it starts with them already being a relationship and wants to get married. So to justify the fact that they are together for a while... There is intimacy between them. They are modern, forward thinking and at the same time very cultured and cater to conservative family. You see it (kissing) for three seconds in the trailer and that is how it is in the film," Alia said.

Alia further added, "It is not added for promotion. For marriage, it is important to be in love, in the film they are in love.. Kissing and then they show family part also. It is important part of the book because Krish`s character is avoiding Anaya as he wants to be with her every time he sees her."

"There is awkwardness. I feel it is acting at the end of the day.. He is playing Krish and I am playing Anaya we are not Arjun and Alia when we are doing that scene. This film is not about just that one kiss, the only reason it is written about is because Arjun and I said it is ok (to have it)," she said.

"People don`t look down upon it any more if done tastefully then the audience will be put off. It is a U/A film, it is a family film and we want family to come and enjoy the film," she said.

The actress admitted that `2 States` is a family film and should be enjoyed with family and the intimate scenes are shot as the script demands so.