Alia Bhatt prefers acting advice from Karan Johar

Alia Bhatt, the daughter of the famed director Mahesh Bhatt created quite a stir when she made her first film with Karan Johar instead of under the banner of her own family production, Vishesh Films. She made her debut last year with Karan’s Student of the year film and had admitted being ‘nervous’ about working with such a well known director. However, she must have grown comfortable so that she now prefers to take acting advice from Karan whom she regards as her mentor instead of her family members.

"Karan is like my mentor. He has given birth to me when it comes to getting into this industry. So every decision that I make, I do consult him. He obviously wants me to take my own decisions. He wants me to make mistakes and learn. He is a very important part of my life and career. I don't take advice on acting but I do ask [my family] about a film or what I should do or how I should behave. I do talk about these things. But I don't take acting tips from them," the actress stated candidly.

There was no dearth of family members to guide Alia through the maze of the glittering world of Bollywood. In addition to celebrity director Mahesh Bhatt for her father, she also has actress director Puja Bhatt, her sister and Emran Hashmi, her brother – all of whom have become well known in the world of film buffs. So, it was surprising when Alia stepped out of the family to make her first film. "For my first film I had decided not to start off with our family banner. I was more than excited to do 'Student of the Year' with Karan. But now if something comes up (from Vishesh Films) then I will definitely look into it," she declared.

Alia has two upcoming films and neither are under the banner of Vishesh Films. She had completed shooting for her second filmHighway by Imtiaz Ali. Talking about her experience, she said, "I am more than happy to work with Imtiaz Ali in 'Highway' as he has been on my wish list of directors. I have finished one long schedule. It is emotional and physically draining, but it is all in a positive sense. It is amazing to work on the film and I feel like I want to work on and on...I don't want to stop shooting for it." She is currently busy with shooting for 2 states – a film by Dharma Productions.