Alia Bhatt picks up hockey stick for ‘Udta Punjab’

Alia Bhatt has taken up a new hobby- thanks to her upcoming ‘Udta Punjab’. It has been reported that the actress plays hockey every morning. She is learning the sport to best prepare her for her role in the film. And the rumors have been confirmed by Alia herself through a social media site. She posted a picture of hockey stick on Instagram and along with it posted “My new friend”. A source has informed a leading daily, “Alia isn’t leaving anything to chance as she plays a professional hockey player in the movie.” Alia takes hockey lessons everyday between 7 am and 9 am in the morning.

Like many actors, Alia too spends much of her time in vanity van. Recently, her van underwent a transformation and she shared the picture on Instagram. She thanked Amrita Mahal for giving a makeover to the her van, “My second home, my vanity van !!! Thank you @amritamahalnakai for transforming my van !! I love you to the stars and back ;) #wohooo #vansweetvan.”

‘Udta Punjab’ has been directed by Abhishek Chaubey. Other than Alia, the cast features Shahid Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor too. The film narrates the issue of drugs in Punjab. Shahid Kapoor will sport a completely new look – the actor has dyed his hair completely red! The director liked the look when Shahid’s hair was colored and hence the audience can look forward to a red-haired Shahid. The actor says that this role is the “scariest part I have played yet.”

It was expected that Kareena and Shaih might be in for an on-screen romance. But it is certain that Alia would be the one romancing Shahid. A source from filmmakers revealed last month, “We will be shooting for the next three months near the Punjab-Chandigarh border. Kareena will mostly be filming on the streets of Chandigarh and on a huge set. While Shahid and Alia’s young romance will blossom in a farm house in a rural setting, Kareena's portions will be shot in an apart ment, the kind you would see in a bustling metro since she plays a woman from the city.”

After the rumors of Kareena-Shahid romance were put to rest, it was then expected that Kareena will romance with Diljit Dosanjh- the Punjabi superstar. But Kareena would not be doing so, as the source further said, “This is not a double-date film revolving around two couples but three separate stories. Diljit will be joining the unit much later.”