Alia Bhatt opens up going on a date with Sidharth Malhotra

Alia Bhatt, who turns 24 today very often hits the headlines for her alleged relationship with Sidharth Malhotra. Alia and Sidharth are snapped very often on a dinner and lunch date but the duo never spoke openly about their relationship in public.

Lately, Alia and Sidharth were clicked on a lunch date and it sparked a lot of stories about their romantic relationship.

When Alia was asked about her recent date with Sidharth in a Hindustan Times’ interview, she said,“It’s not a rumour, because I did go for the lunch (laughs). And I didn’t give that headline. So, I didn’t call it ‘rumoured’ (smiles).”

Alia Bhatt is not ready to confirm her relationship with Sidharth. “No, I am not confirming anything. I just didn’t give that headline (laughs). There should be a new word for ‘rumoured lovebirds.’ Let’s use ‘love cats’ or ‘love dogs’ (laughs). I also love cats. I am tired of seeing the same headlines over and over. Plus, there’s nothing to react to. I find some of the headlines very entertaining, and I’m Sid does too. There are only reasons to be happy and joyful”.

Alia turns 24 and when asked if she feel the need to act mature since she is public figure now. To which Alia says,“First, I don’t believe in acting mature. You are either mature or not. If I have a mature side, I also have childishness in me. I can be a six-year-old child in a minute and can also behave like a 40-year-old adult. I think that’s also because I am a Piscean. And all Pisceans – be it Shraddha (Kapoor) or Shahid (Kapoor) – are very unique, sensitive, moody and evolved by nature. I also feel that comes from my family too. If you live with Mahesh Bhatt, and wake up every morning having heavy, deep conversations about everything under the sun, you can’t help but behave and think a little ahead of your age. So, I feel my emotional quotient is very high.”

Its been five years Alia Bhatt debuted in Bollywood and Alia doesn’t think her journey was a cake walk. “Honestly, the five years have felt longer to me. People generally say that time has gone fast but I feel like I have been in the industry for a while. Also, maybe because the day I faced the camera, I felt, ‘Oh, I have been doing this for the longest time’. I felt that comfortable and happy in front of the camera. In these five years, so much has happened. There has been so much frenzy that it feels so long. If you come to think of it, it’s (five years in the industry) nothing and it’s just the beginning,” adds Alia.