'Bigg Boss 8' Ali Quli Mirza bags Kabir Khan’s film

The reality show Bigg Boss 8 never ceases to surprise the viewers. In some cases it even surprises the housemates of Bigg Boss as well. There was good news for Ali in the weekend show, affectionately named by Salman Khan as ‘Weekend ka Vaar’.

Things were not very smooth for contestant Ali Quli Mirza this week inside the house. Puneet Issar the captain of the house for this week pointed out that Ali doesn’t respect women. This infuriated Ali who already has previous incidents inside the Bigg Boss house of getting involved in controversies regarding disrespecting women. The argument between Puneet and Ali grew so intense that Upen Patel had to step in between them to diffuse the tension. The incident could have very easily escalated to a fist fight if it was not stopped.

Later on Puneet disclosed to Sonali Raut that Ali had earlier made some obscene comment about her. Sonali in a rage went to Ali and slapped him hard on the face. This incident made Ali loose his cool. He packed his bag and started to shout and run around the compound in his bid to get out from the house. When his shouting and kicking the door didn’t yield any result, he even tried to climb the walls of the facility.

Later he went to the confession room and spoke to Bigg Boss. He stated that he wanted to come out of the house as he felt that no one in the house supported him and he was all alone. During the discussion he became ill and was taken out to a separate room for medical treatment. Ali returned to the Bigg Boss house after a day. However, the housemates were in no mood to listen to his version of the stories.

During the weekend interaction with charismatic host Salman Khan too he was a bit subdued. However, Salman had the perfect solution to cheer him up. During the live telecast Salman informed him that he has bagged a role in Kabir Khan’s next film. We assume that the big hearted actor has recommended Ali’s name to the director for his next film ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’.  This will be a great career breakthrough for Ali. Incidentally Ali has already acted in the recently released Hindi film ‘Roar’.

It seems even after the season 8 of Bigg Boss ends we will have an eyeful of Ali Quili Mirza on the silver screen.