Ali Fazal, Richa Chadha to get married on April 15

Lovebirds Ali Fzal and Richa Chadha are all set to enter into wedlock on April 15. After discussion with their respective families, the couple zeroed in on the date.

"After discussions with their families, the couple is looking at tying the knot in mid-April in Delhi. The ceremony will apparently be on April 15, which will be an intimate affair. It will be followed by a court marriage and a reception,” Hindustan Times quoted a source as saying.

After wedding, three receptions will be held in Delhi, Lucknow and Mumbai. “Ali and Richa’s families are from Lucknow and Delhi, respectively, and they want all of them to be a part of their joyful day. The Lucknow reception will be on April 18. The reception in Mumbai will be for close friends and the date for which has not been locked yet. Ali and Richa have been checking out venues. In all likelihood, they will choose April 21 for Mumbai reception,” the report adds.

Richa and Ali have been dating for five years and they have been very vocal about their relationship and often shares lovey-dovey pictures from their romantic gateway, outings etc.

Earlier report of Mumbai Mirror stated that Richa and Ali are choosing to get married in the first half of June this year. A source told the tabloid, "Richa and Ali are very happy together and are keen to take the next step to further consolidate their bond. Though they are looking at June-July to formalise the relationship, their preference is the first half of June."

The source shared further wedding details stating, "As of now, Mumbai and Delhi have been finalised as the venues for the functions. Both the families are drawing up a list of potential venues, but they will be finalised only after the date is set."

Earlier, when Richa was asked about her marriage plans with Ali, she had told Bombay Times, "We don’t have time. If we were to talk about marriage, it will be like... I don’t have dates in March, May is too hot, we are shooting a film in June, it rains too much in July... It will become like a line production job. We are waiting and chilling, and we are in a happy space."

Richa once said that she is so busy with her work that she might need a production team to plan her wedding and so is Ali. Both are busy with their several international projects and they barely gets time to spend time with each other.

A source close to the couple reveals how Ali and Richa met for the first time.

“They met for the first time in Casablanca on a brand shoot and Ali got in a fight with the authorities about choosing between two models for the shoot at the Rick’s cafe. Richa had come and bailed Ali out of a local jail purely on conversational skills, almost like bargaining. Ali was smitten by her after that incident,” says the source.