Ali Fazal admits dating Richa Chadha: I am happy, very happy

After round of speculations, Ali Fazal finally accepted that he was in a relationship with Richa Chadha.  The ‘Furkey’ actor added that he is in a happy space today.

“It’s our friendship, which grew over time. It’s so easy for everyone to fit us in a genre and label it love. Love is when we last, so the hope is that we arrive somewhere close to that,” says Ali, who worked with Richa in ‘Fukrey’.

The actor, who is busy promoting his debut Hollywood film 'Victoria' and 'Abdul', adds that he is in a very happy space of his life.

“I just hope this is the last time I will be disclosing status on my personal life. We don’t want to jeopardise our little friendship. But am happy, I am very happy,” he says.

A source close to the couple reveals how Ali and Richa met for the first time.

“They met for the first time in Casablanca on a brand shoot and Ali got in a fight with the authorities about choosing between two models for the shoot at the Rick’s cafe. Richa had come and bailed Ali out of a local jail purely on conversational skills, almost like bargaining. Ali was smitten by her after that incident,” says the source.

Richa, too, confirmed to an entertainment website that she was the girl in Los Angeles with Ali last year, when he spoke of being with his girlfriend in LA. She said. “I was the girl in Los Angeles.”

Lately, Richa Chadha flew to Venice standing by his boyfriend's side and cheering for his performance in the Hollywood film at the ongoing Venice International Film Festival.

Richa even shared a picture from the screening and wrote, “Couldn’t be more proud !!! @alifazal9 ! You held your own. Magnificent in the film and in a magnificent film !”