Ali Asgar patches up with Kapil Sharma

Things are getting better between Ali Asgar and Kapil Sharma. According to the latest report, for the first time after the ugly mid-air brawl Ali Asgar had a conversation with noted comedian Kapil Sharma.

Recently, when Kapil Sharma fell ill and admitted to hospital, Ali made sure that he asked Kapil about his well being. At an event in Mumbai where Ali was present to promote his upcoming TV series 'Drama Company', he said, “I couldn’t meet Kapil because I was rehearsing for The Drama Company but I messaged him, ‘Get well soon,’ and he replied.”

Ali Asgar aka Nani of ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ said that Kapil will always be his friend.

"There are a lot of things which we can't discuss publicly. All I can say is that Kapil is, was and will always be my friend. Sometimes its nice to remain silent as it is not the right time to talk about certain issues and things might get worse if you talk about it. So I never felt of talking about it. If I was not here for The Drama Company launch this topic would have gone with me to my grave," said Ali Asgar.

Ali is coming with his team to tickle the funny bones of the audience with a new show, ‘The Drama Company’.