Akshay reveals why he chose Twinkle

Akshay Kumar and Twinkle is a happily married couple and blessed with a cute son, Aarav. Akshay Kumar revealed as why he chose Twinkle as his life partner. He maintains that when it comes to mental strength women are stronger than men and he chose Twinkle because she has the guts to kick people in the butt.

"I didn't fall in love with my wife because she could dance around a tree. I fell for her strength as an independent woman. She kicked butt at school and she could do it now if she wanted. She is fearless to the outside world and I think it's a great perception for women”, Akshay said.

Akshay has a great respect for Twinkle and feels that she is bold enough to shift from acting to interior decorator and what strange him the most is that she is doing exceptionally well in her new field.

Twinkle styled Akki in many occasions and he trusts her choice.