Akshay Kumar to sue UK Tabloid for slander against Shilpa Shetty

After winning ‘Big Brother’ in the UK, the media there have suddenly taken a keen interest in actress Shilpa Shetty and her life. There have been several stories and articles published by various tabloids in the UK on Miss Shetty. However some sleazy tabloids have chronicled the personal details of Shilpa’s life. Recently the various legal controversies that Shilpa and her parents have been surrounded in were written about. However now a UK tabloid has stooped to the lowest level, giving personal details of Shilpa’s past relationship with ex-boyfriend actor Akshay Kumar. Although Shilpa has decided to keep a dignified silence on the issue, her ex-boyfriend actor Akshay Kumar has decided to sue the tabloid.
Actor Akshay Kumar was earlier said to be having an affair with actress Shilpa Shetty. However according to sources he later dumped Shilpa and married actress Twinkle Khanna and now even has a son with her. Akshay is livid though because the UK tabloid claims that Akshay Kumar has given inside information about Shilpa and his past relationship. The paper quotes a friend of the actor with whom he supposedly shared the stories as saying “I was the first to bed Shilpa” and “She made me wait before she let me sleep with her.” The tabloid further goes on to give explicit details of Akshay and Shilpa’s personal relationship together. Akshay Kumar though is disgusted with the UK tabloid’s article and says “I will never talk about a lady in those terms, this is totally baseless, I’ve never spoken to the said newspaper and I will seek legal recourse.”

Although actor Akshay Kumar is all set to take legal action against the particular UK tabloid and protect his ex-girlfriend’s reputation, Shilpa Shetty is adopting a different tactic, she says “I know that Akshay would never speak like that and these things are best laughed off.” Recently there were also rumours that Shilpa Shetty would be running the marathon in England for a good cause, however Shilpa claims that though she supports the cause she will not be running for the marathon.