Akshay Kumar slaps 500 crore suit against Youtuber

Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar served 500 crore defamation notice to a youtuber named, Rashid Siddiquee. In his YouTube channel FF News, he has uploaded several defamatory, libelous and derogatory videos against the actor.

The actor slapped ? 500 crore in damages for making "false and baseless allegations" against him in the Sushant Singh Rajput death case.

Akshay Kumar has sent legal notice through law firm IC Legal on November 17. The Youtuber from Bihar alleged that helped Rhea Chakraborty to flee to Canada. He made false allegation against Akshay Kumar that he was unhappy with Sushant Singh Rajput big movies and he had "secret meetings" with Aditya Thackeray and the Mumbai Police.

A senior IPS officer told Mid-Day that Sushant Singh Rajput's death was used by several people to make money. He said, "As many people were curious about the case, Sushant's death was misused by several to make money. Once the media started reporting different theories, YouTubers jumped on the opportunity and started posting fake content. By maligning the Mumbai Police's reputation they earned a lot of money."

In return, the Youtuber from Bihar opposed Akshay Kumar’s defamation notice. Rashid Siddiquee urged the action actor to withdraw the case against him, otherwise, he would take appropriate legal action against him.

Siddiquee, in his reply sent through his advocate JP Jayswal on Friday, said the allegations made by Akshay Kumar were “false, vexatious and oppressive and is raised with an intent to harass him”.

“The damages of ? 500 crore are absurd and unwarranted and are made with the intent to pressurise Siddiquee,” the reply said.

The YouTuber from Bihar further claimed that the actor selectively targeted him.

“Akshay Kumar faced severe backlash after interviewing an influential politician, whereby thousands of people have made personal remarks against him on various YouTube videos and websites. Surprisingly, Kumar has not taken any action on the same, however, he has selectively chosen Siddiquee to saddle the blame of defamation,” the reply said.