Akshay Kumar’s son molested

Son Aarav is Akshay Kumar’s world. He would not bear slightest humiliation of his son. But recently his son Aarav was molested by a security guard when Akki and his family went to friend’s home at The Grand Eastern Shores in Juhu. Akshay and Twinkle charged the security guard of pinching his son’s buttocks. Instantly, Akki slapped the guard.

But the guard declined of committing the offense. He in his defense said that Aarav was running to the meter room and he only tried to stop him. But Akshay and Twinkle maintained that the 35 year old guard pinched Aarav’s buttocks. Akki’s personal secretary called up the secretary of the apartment and asked him to take off his job.        

The security agency that appointed the guard supported him and said that he was just doing his duty and refrained him from entering the meter room but Akshay claimed that his son screamed after the incident.  

The guard lost his job and now surviving by selling bhelpuri.