Akshay Kumar reveals the secret about wife Twinkle

The latest episode of the most interesting chat show, ‘Koffee With Karan’ sees none other than the stunt king of Bollywood, Akshay Kumar and the episode will see Akki sans wife Twinkle Khanna. Though Twinkle will not make her present on the show, Akki and Karan Johar will talk about her extensively. Akshay reveals some interesting secrets about his wife.

Akshay said that Twinkle is a very straight forward person and reveals to Karan Johar why she decided not to come to his show. “She said: ‘I cant keep my mouth shut. I’ll talk nonsense and then I’ll regret it later and my husband will fire me,” said Karan Johar sharing Twinkle Khanna’s reason for not accompanying her actor husband on the talk show.

“My wife is like that. I always tell her be diplomatic but she is like that… what is white is white and what is black is black for her,” explained Akshay Kumar.

“There’s no filter in her mind. What enters in her mind, comes out,” he added further. Talking about his difference from wife Twinkle, Akshay Kumar said that he and Twinkle are poles apart, “We keep on discovering new things about each other because we’re so different. We’re poles apart. She’s this side, I’m completely that side”, he quipped.

On being asked as to why it took him so long to appear on the chat show, Askhay Kumar replied seriously, “When we come for your show, you ask all these kinds of very controversial questions. So nobody wants to be grilled and nobody wants to get into anybody’s bad books. And don’t want to answer anything stupid that it hurts somebody’s feelings.”

The actor frankly said that he would rather love to meet Karan socially rather than coming to his show and get involved in any sort of controversy.

“It is terrible. I’m telling you Karan… I’m coming on your show and telling you that it is very bad to do that, to get into controversies. Talk about someone … Why?” he asked a stunned Karan.

Karan Johar also quizzed Akshay Kumar on his well-known habit of waking up at 5:00 am everyday. “Mornings we’re supposed to get up and work. I don’t know where you come from to say that you don’t work,” he said to Karan Johar.

Talking about the kind of films he is doing, Akshay said, “I’m happy with what I’ve got. I’m not fighting anything. But yes, I want to keep on going… everyday when I listen to scripts, I’m looking for that script if I can get something to prove…like a ‘Special 26?. I was very happy with it. For even a script like ‘Oh My God!’.”

Talking about film critics in the country, Akshay Kumar said, “They’ve been very kind. They’ve called me furniture, and I’m actually a showroom. So they’ve been very kind.”

Asked about his reactions to such statements, the actor said, “It’s funny… It’s nice. It’s funny to read something like that about you and what can you react?”

Karan Johar dig the past and talked about his Casanova image. “I’m not ashamed of it. I was not married then. And I’m a full-grown man, so there’s nothing wrong with what I did,” he says.

Talking about being faithful in the glamour world, he said, “When you have your children waiting back home, after pack up you just want to run back.”

Sometime Akshay was also seen pulling Karan johar’s leg.