Akshay Kumar cancels 'Housefull 4' shoot with Sajid Khan after rape allegation

Three women accused director Sajid Khan of rape and in wake of the sexual harassment allegations against the director, Akshay Kumar refused to work with Sajid or any such person who are accused of such heinous behaviour.

Upon returning from vacation, Akshay took to his social media account to express his stand on the vital issue and announced that he has asked the producer of ‘Housefull 4’ to cancel the shoot of the film until investigation is done.

akshay kumar

“Akshay is known to be a disciplinarian and has never cancelled a shoot in his 28-year career. This is the first time that he has decided to cancel a shoot, perhaps because the #Metoo movement just cannot be ignored.The allegations made against Sajid Khan and Nana Patekar are both serious and grave in nature,” the source informed us.

Meanwhile, Sajid Khan has officially stepped down as the film’s director.

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