Akshay Kumar offers ways to help families of martyred soldiers

Akshay Kumar is one such actor who always comes forward to help the martyrs’ families. It was not too late when he donated 9 lakh to the martyed jawan’s family in Uri attacks. Akshay holds a very strong feeling for the soldiers of the country and always speaks high about them.

Ahead of the 68th Republic Day, Akshay Kumar posted a video in which he paid tribute to the soldiers of our country and in this heartfelt video message he proposed developing a website or a mobile application that would allow people to donate and deposit money directly into a bank account meant for martyrs’ families.

“Honestly, it is a cause I truly believe in. I’ve spoken about it previously as well, during the unfortunate Uri (Jammu and Kashmir) attacks. But this time, I’ve streamlined it more to suggest to people a way by which they can actually make a difference. This really doesn’t require any inspiration; we are alive because of them [soldiers], and it’s the least we can do,” says Akshay.

"I think that our country should have a website or a mobile app which directly connects the kin of martyred soldiers and the people who want to extend help to them," said Kumar in the video.

"This website will host a list of the names of the martyrs, along with the bank account numbers of their close ones - mother, father or wife. And if someone wants to help that jawan's family financially, they can directly make a contribution into their accounts. That account number will be deleted once the total deposited money accounts to Rs 15 lakh. By this, family members of the martyred soldiers can directly use that money." he added.

Here I am standing up AGAIN for something I truly believe in coz THEIR well-being MATTERS to ME.I'd love to know if it does to YOU as well? pic.twitter.com/3Y5NPmTJhg

— Akshay Kumar (@akshaykumar) January 24, 2017

In the video, the 49-year-old actor asked people to express their views in his proposal and he said that if he gets postive response and maximum support from the people then he would start the setup of such a website or mobile app with the approval of the armed forces and the government.

Akshay, whose late father Hari Om Bhatia was in the Army, says, “I’m passionate about it, and that’s the only reason I’m voicing my stand repeatedly and doing my bit. Being an army man’s son definitely made me feel more strongly for this cause. But even if I hadn’t had an army background, I’d still be equally supportive of it [the armed forces],” he says.