Akshay Kumar jumps off an 80 feet clock tower in London

Akshay Kumar loves to perform his own stunts and gets a thrill doing his own stunts. He prefers not to use a body double and do his stunts himself. Recently actor Akshay Kumar did a daring stunt in Bhagam Bhag himself, but the others actors were apprehensive to do the same stunt. Akshay had to jump off an 80 feet clock tower in London. However actress Lara Dutta was almost in tears when she had to join Akshay for the stunt. The rest of the cast performed the same stunt on a special set where the clock was erected at a ten feet height.
Director Priyadarshan says “Akki is very adventurous. When we were shooting in London, he took only a few minutes to climb atop the tower. But Lara was shivering; she just couldn’t take the fact that she had to jump off the tower. In fact Akki would show her the trick and she’d get all the more scared.” They had to jump off an 80 feet high tower but all the necessary protective and safety arrangements were made before the shot was canned. Later Akshay Kumar actually had to coax Lara Dutta and guide her through the entire stunt step by step.

Actors Paresh Rawal, Asrani and Govinda refused to do the dangerous and daring stunt. Another similar set was constructed at Chennai on a height of 10 feet for the other actors to perform the same stunt. The scene includes the entire cast being attacked by bees and wasps at the clock tower, unfortunately there is no other exit and hence the cast is forced to jump off from the clock tower.