Akshay Kumar is satisfied with his career in Bollywood

Akshay KumarAkshay Kumar is all set to launch himself internationallywith the Indo-Canadian production “Speedy Singhs”. This will be Akshay’s firstinternational project , who is deemed as a superstar in the Indian movieindustry. Though this is a big moment for him and there is a lot of excitementand hope surrounding  his attempt ,Akshay has said that he is more than satisfied with his work and is comfortablein the niche he has carved for himself in Bollywood itself. The movie industriesbeyond the borders of India don’t interest the actor much at this point in his career.

Quoting the “Khiladi of Bollywood” - "I am very happy starringin Indian films right now. Even though I am producing an international project,starring in films outside the country is a different ball game. When Istarted my production house, I hadn`t thought that I would be producing aninternational film one day. Likewise, I haven`t thought of acting in any filmoutside India, but maybe I will star in one in the future,"

Theinternational project is reported to be directed by Deepa Mehta and the storyis based on the famous Komagata Maru incident. As of now there is noinformation about the status of the project.

Akshay , whohas played numerous different kinds roles in his long Bollywood career is knownfor his action skills and playful nature on the sets. His last movie “Patiala House” where he has played the role of a cricketer wasn’t a huge success , buthe hopes to revive his success story with this international project which isagain based on a sport , this time , ice hockey. Akshay was reportedly so muchimpressed with the script that he decided to produce it himself.

"I ammore inclined to sports films be it cricket or anything else. Ice hockey is notso popular in India, but this film also has an emotional father-son story whicheveryone can connect to," said an excited Akshay Kumar.

Akshay hasshown his business acumen in deciding that the film will be released under twodifferent titles for international and Indian audiences. While for the formerthe movie will be titled “Breakaway”, the latter will get the movie served withthe name of “Speedy Singh”  which makesmore sense in the Indian context.

The film castcomprises of the debutant Vinay Virmani, Camilla Belle, Rob Lowe, RussellPeters and Anupam Kher. “Speedy Singh” is set to be released all over onSeptember 23.